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We have expanded our pergola canopy offerings. We now have even more retractable fabric canopies in motorized and manual operation models and two rainproof options as well. Please check out our brand new shade canopies now!

ShadeRight Fixed Pergola Canopy
ShadeFlex & RainFlex Motorized Retractable Canopies
Manually Retractable Canopies
Tensioned Shade Sail Canopy

ShadeRight fixed polycarbonate standing seam roof system - Rainproof Shade for Pergola Kit
ShadeRight fixed pergola canopy system color selections - Rainproof Shade
Polycarbonate fixed canopy standing seam canopy system components for Pergola Kit - Rainproof Shade

The ShadeRight Fixed Canopy HD system is our most durable shade system yet, making it an ideal selection for large commercial projects and residential projects. The modular polycarbonate panels add the perfect amount of shade to any outdoor living area, providing protection from the rain and sun, while adding beauty and style to any pool, deck, patio, or outdoor kitchen.

The ShadeRight Fixed Canopy HD is a modular system consisting of 8mm thick 4 wall polycarbonate panels with UV protection on two sides, anchored to our structures using stainless steel brackets. The panels are joined together using a protected polycarbonate cover batten profile assembled using a click-on system to guarantee a perfectly watertight seal. For proper water shedding, panels should be installed at a slope of 1/8″ per foot. For maintenance, just clean occasionally with water and neutral detergent. Do not use abrasive products.

Polycarbonate colors and technical data:

Color Light Transmission (LT%) Solar Heat Gain Coefficient Shading Coefficient (SC)
Clear 72 72 0.83
Bronze 50 58 0.67
Opal 47 58 0.67
Blue 50 55 0.63


  • Easy installation on any Structureworks pergola kit or existing structure
  • Panels block 99.5% of UV wavelength
  • 8mm thick 4 wall polycarbonate panels
  • 24″ width per panel
  • Panels up to 24′ long
  • Resistant to U.V. rays and hail
  • Class A Fire Rating per ASTM E-84
  • Protected by a 10-year limited warranty




ShadeRight retractable vertical shade canopy over three windows - Pergola Shade
ShadeRight retractable vertical shade canopy on stucco house wall - Pergola Shade

The ShadeRight Vertical Blind offers the ideal solution to keep sunlight at bay while at the same time, enjoy its advantages. This ultimate exterior blind is perfect for windows, porches, and pergolas!

The ShadeRight vertical blind is made of high quality materials, allowing you complete privacy and protection from the sun.  This vertical suspended blind can be rolled up, and, as an option, stored in an aluminum cassette. The fabric is guided by either a cable or an optional aluminum track. The vertical blind is primarily used for shading the sun’s harmful rays and is ideally suited for both residential as well as commercial applications.

The ShadeRight Vertical Blind is easy to operate. Using either a manual gear crank, or a convenient optional wireless remote controlled SOMFY motor, the blind can be raised or lowered to any position.  You may also purchase optional SOMFY wind & sun sensors which will automatically raise your blinds if high winds are detected, or lower your blinds when intense sunlight is detected.

The ShadeRight Vertical Blind is offered with 100% solution dyed acrylic fabric. The color is throughout the material not just on the surface. We feature Para Tempotest® fabrics which are manufactured to the very highest quality standards in Italy. This fabric has a Teflon® finish which makes the fabric resistant to mold and rotting. The fabric has great dimensional stability. You may also select from the Sunbrella® line of awning fabrics. It is American made and of outstanding quality.


  • Complete sun protection
  • 100% solution died fabric
  • Teflon® finished fabric creates resistance to mold and rotting
  • Easy to Install
  • Optional SOMFY RTS CMO tubular motor, backed by a 5 year limited warranty
  • Optional SOMFY Sunis sun sensor, Eolis wind sensor & remote control


Some of the most popular Sunbrella® fabrics are shown below. All Structureworks fabric canopies are available with full selection of Sunbrella fabrics which can be viewed here. Some specialty fabrics may have additional charge. All fabrics in the Mayfield collection have a 10% additional charge.

Solid Fabric

Screen Shot 2015-03-25 at 4.08.14 PM

Striped Fabric

Screen Shot 2015-03-25 at 4.08.27 PM

Canopy Frame Colors (ShadeRight Motorized Canopy & ShadeRight Vertical Blinds)

Screen Shot 2015-03-25 at 4.08.45 PM